Light Beyond the Dark

Light Beyond the Dark

Finding someone who accepts you for who you are isn't as easy as it sounds. Kicked out of his home at sixteen, he found himself staying in an abusive relationship just to survive. Finally free, he's determined to piece his life back together.

Dayton is part of one of the hottest rock bands to hit the scene. He's living his dream as he tours, sharing the music he loves with the world. The problem is, no matter how hard he tries, he can't find anyone to look past his fame. Everyone wants a piece of the celebrity, not the man behind it. He's tired of playing a role and wants someone to see him for who he really is.

When a misdirected text message brings Dayton and Bart together, they find an easy friendship as they hide behind the phone screen, neither sharing their true identity with the other.
The anonymity allows them to share things they wouldn't with others, drawing them closer, and building a trust between them.

When events force them to meet, Bart and Dayton worry things will change, but that doesn't happen. What they find is something stronger than either one ever imagined.

Still, the past haunts them, and when one of them is targeted, they risk losing everything they've built together. It will take patience and love to get Bart and Dayton through the trials they must face. With the world watching their every move, they hold on to the only thing that makes sense in their lives… each other.

Title:Light Beyond the Dark
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    Light Beyond the Dark Reviews

  • Heather?

    I was hoping for so much more from this story because I love me some rock stars with long hair. I mean really love. Add in the hurt/comfort aspect from an abusive relationship and I was all set for so...

  • Sali Mes

    Great book! Beautiful story!The "I love you" were a bit fast and all their feeling are discussed and explained multiple times. It was a bit too much..But it's really a sweet story with no redemption f...

  • Aure7ia

    3.5* not bad, but too much happy fairytale and not enough excitement....

  • Katheryne Tyra

    Great story I loved both mc’s. Dayton, a young and lonely, burnt out rick star and Bart, a young and lonely, domestic/child abuse survivor. They meet through a wrong number text and hit it off. Star...

  • Gillianpaytonhotmail.Com

    Fantastic storyWhen Bart leaves an abusive relationship, he wants to make a go of life in his own. Kicked out at 16 for being gay, he met a controlling and ultimately physically abusive man. Now after...

  • Carolyn Elias

    A meeting by an accidental wrong number text message!Bart is an incredibly brave young man who had to endure being kicked out of his home with nothing but the clothes on his back. He’s had to endure...

  • Katie Townsend

    Beautiful emotional incredibleDayton and Bart stole my heart from the moment I met them I.felt everything that Dayton and Bart were going through ups downs laughter tears hurt happiness intensity hear...

  • Russell Moller

    Great readI loved this book. The story was solid, clear and engaging. The real strength of this book is the characters though; well rounded, likeable and I cared about what happened to them....

  • Pat

    BeautifulOh my, what a beautiful, heartbreaking, emotional journey, one full of love and hope too. There were a few heartstopping moments where I literally couldn't breathe. Bart and Dayton were beaut...

  • Eolia

    This was a 150 page story told in 300+ pages. It could have used a proofreader. The guys were like 12 year old girls, except I don't think 12 year old girls talk about their feelings that much. ...